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Kantar Media TGI Research is part of the global Research organisation, Kantar Media. Amongst other things, KM-TGI's sister company in Israel, Kantar Media (Israel), holds the industry contract for TV Audience Measurement (rating) in Israel using Peoplemeter technology.

Both companies specialize in the management and provision of “syndicated continuous research” – providing advertisers, agencies and the media with industry standard databases for strategic marketing, advertising and media planning. Today, the group is the leading provider of media planning and measurement tools, supplying solutions for TV, press, radio, Outdoor and Internet.

Single Source Research is the representative and license holder for the TGI™ brand in Israel, which it operates in cooperation with the UK research agency, Kantar Media. The company has been operating TGI™ in the UK for over 30 years. The service now exists in over 60 countries worldwide.

TGI™ Israel has become an industry standard in the fields of strategic marketing, advertising and media planning. The study in Israel has been in operation since 1998, providing an unrivalled wealth of information about the profile of Israeli consumers.

Single Source means that all the information on the database comes from one source, one person that answers detailed questions on 4 subject areas:

  product and service consumption (over 200 product and service categories     covered)
  lifestyles – attitudes and habits over a wide range of topics
  media consumption

In this way, a detailed picture of the consumer can be created. Easy-to-use but sophisticated software allows you to interrogate the database. The end result is a complete consumer profile and focused understanding of the target market. The main study covers the Hebrew-speaking Adult (18+) population. An annual sample of 5000 respondents enables unrivalled ability to define highly focused and specific target audiences.

In addition to the main adult survey, periodic studies are conducted amongst target populations, such as Youth (12-17 year olds). Commencing in 2008 an Arabic-language study is being conducted (media and lifestyle) as well as a special boost to the Ultra-Orthodox population that naturally exists in the main Adult 18+ survey. The boosted sample will provide even greater marketing and lifestyle insight than currently possible for any brand owner wishing to target this important audience.
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